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Just a place where you can'T know nothing without being Jon SNOW*.


If you are not Jon Snow and if you want to learn something new each day (for free, of course), you can try some of the websites advised in the "Reviews And Advices" section.

Here are some links for you if you don't want to read our blog posts:

  • Wikipedia:Random: access a random article on this awesome knowledge database.
  • TED-Ed: find curated educational videos, perfect for breakfast/lunch time (don't talk to those st**** co-workers).
  • Khan Academy: interactive contents for everyone, pick a subject and learn. Now!
  • Chesscademy: because, well, learning how to play chess is a great way to show-off.
  • Future Learn: going to a good university is expensive, going to this one is free, and its content comes from top universities in the world.
  • Curiosity: don't mess with me, I know now how to fight like a bear and everything about space. Deal with it.
  • WikiHow: learn to do absolutly anything. From cooking a f*cking good pizza to perform aerial yoga. 
  • Skillshare: be creative with 15 minutes a day.  
  • More links to come soon. Have fun! 

And don't forget to try out the blog posts section called "Reviews and Advices", it's full of crazy things.

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